Our Story

A University Without Borders

Our work centers on creating a (digital) sanctuary, fostering critical thinking, research, and education as an alternative response to oppression. In a world grappling with political oppression and the stifling of intellectual freedoms, our mission is threefold:

provide a secure haven for endangered scholars and students,

cultivate knowledge in the face of adversity,

nurture a global community bound by a commitment to social justice.




Diverse online and hybrid courses fostering critical thinking in in peace studies, gender, art/culture, and sociology.



A vibrant community of learners shaping the future through academic engagement.



Scholars from India, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Syria, Turkey, Libya, Mexico, Iran, Yemen, Belarus, Afghanistan, Russia, and Ukraine.



Direct support to scholars worldwide, providing secure online and offline spaces for knowledge exchange.


Research Projects

Centered on gender studies, critical peace studies, and rethinking university structures.



Thought-provoking publications showcasing our commitment to

I gained power from others’ bravery.

I had empowering feelings and experiences during the course, which helped me to overcome my fears especially related to speaking English and my initial aversion towards the online space for communication with strangers. It was empowering to see that I may help others by listening to them and giving feedback to their thoughts and work. I gained power from others’ bravery.

Voice of a participant in an online seminar

Off University gave me the opportunity to teach a full course with my own name.

I was sacked from the university as a research Assistant with Ph.D. Off University gave me the opportunity to teach a full course with my own name. That is why I am grateful to Off. It was challenging in terms of being online and in English, but it helped me to challenge myself to become a better lecturer. And I can say that I enjoyed every bit of this enjoyment. My wife also confirms that, she was actually the first one who noticed that I became a happier person after the semester began.

Ali Yalçın Göymen