Cultivating a global community dedicated to collaborative learning and research-based knowledge exchange.

Off University is a space for
critical knowledge

Here at Off University, the digital realm turns into a space where at-risk scholars, lecturers based at traditional universities, and course participants can exchange and produce critical knowledge freely, protected by a safe online infrastructure. In this, we are dedicated to creating an educational space that overcomes traditional classroom hierarchies and enables participants and lecturers to learn together and from each other.

Our core activities center on establishing three vital connections:
individual-to-individual, individual-to-institution, institution-to-institution,

with a strong emphasis on teaching and research-based learning.

Our Primary Goal.

To connect scholars at risk globally, facilitating collaboration and online co-teaching opportunities that foster research-based learning experiences.

Through individual-to-institution networks, we link scholars at risk with universities abroad, granting access to resources and online facilities enabling both teaching and research. Additionally, we also collaborate with institutions founded by or for at-risk scholars on joint initiatives to advance both teaching and research.