Current Courses

Conflict, Knowledge and Memory

Cases from Palestine and Syria

This course proposes an inquiry into the academic and cultural experiences of writing and re-writing history in Palestine and in Syria. It combines different approaches and intellectual schools going from the epistemic question of the “decolonizing” of knowledge to today’s impact of information revolution as a fact of cultural production and political representations.

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14 Weeks

16.04.2024 – 16.07.2024

Tuesdays, 14:00 CEST

Gender and Society

This course offers a critical overview to Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary academic field that explores crucial questions about the meaning of gender in society. The primary goal of this course is to familiarize students with the key issues, questions, and historical and contemporary debates in Gender Studies. Within this scope, we aim to explore together with the students the complex ways in which gender intersects with class, race, ethnicity, sexuality and age within various spheres and institutions of Turkish society.

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14 Weeks

18.04.2024 – 18.07.2024

Thursdays, 19:00 UTC+3