The Akademisches Netzwerk Osteuropa (AKNO) is a German association that provides counseling and emergency aid for academics affected by the war in Ukraine and political repressions in Belarus and Russia. We have co-organized four online seminars in the winter term 2022. 

The Alice-Salomon Hochschule is a university in Berlin. They offered us their event space to hold the opening of Off University in 2017.

University of Bremen is a public university in the city of Bremen has hosted four of our online seminars

We have collaborated with the Centre of Comparative Research on Democracy at Humboldt University for a variety of co-organized online seminars and as part of the Academic Freedom Network.

This public university in the city of Frankfurt/Oder has hosted our Turkish-language online seminar “Gender Studies in Turkey”

Freie Universitat Berlin is one of the public universities in Berlin. Four of our seminars was hosted by the university. We were part of  the Academic Freedom Network in 2020.  

We have organized already 13 online seminars with Humboldt-Universität in various departments. Off University is a partner in the Berlin University Alliance funded exploration project  RePLITO – Global Repertoires of Living Together. We were part of the Academic Freedom Network in 2020. 

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation’s Philipp Schwartz Initiative supports researchers at risk with fellowships at German universities. In collaboration with the initiative, we have organized co-taught online courses between PSI fellows and remote colleagues. 

With the International Centre for Development and Decent Work, we have organized three online courses on Political Economy and one on the role of the University of the future.

The Mosaik Support Centre on Lesvos has collaborated with us to organize an online seminar and a workshop on “Storytelling as Resistance” together with refugee students.

The Institute for the Near and Middle East, the Institute for Sociology and the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at Ludwig Maximilians University Munich have hosted 11 online courses.

The Mosaik Support Centre on Lesvos has collaborated with us to organize an online seminar and a workshop on “Storytelling as Resistance” together with refugee students.

The Martin Roth-Initiative, a joint initiative of the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) and the Goethe-Institut, aims to protect artists and cultural actors by offering temporary relocation stays and enabling them to continue their work. We currently host a second fellow at Off University.

The New University in Exile Consortium is a global network of currently 66 colleges and universities hosting exiled scholars. Together we have organized 15 online seminars co-led by a exiled Consortium scholar and a colleague stranded in  their country.

With the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies at the University of Osnabrück, we have organized a lecture series in 2018 and two online seminars.

The University of Potsdam has been the first to accredited an online seminar with Off in 2018. Ever since we have organized eight online seminars with a variety of institutes and departments. 

 “Beyond Social Cohesion: Global Repertoires of Living Together” (RePLITO) is an exploration project part of the Berlin University Alliance.  In collaboration, we create a dynamic and easily accessible Digital Knowledge Archive  that gathers and conceptualizes global repertoires of living together at 

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation is a political party foundation affiliated with the German party “Die Linke”. As part of their international engagement in West Asia we have collaborated with Rosa-Lux since 2017.

With the Habitat Unit at Technische Universität Berlin, we were able to offer two online seminars in Urban Studies.

We have collaborated with the University of New Europe in the organization of the online lecture series “Rethinking War, the Military and Gender Through the Russian War on Ukraine” in 2022.