Research at Off University

At Off University, our research primarily focuses on critical peace studies, gender studies, and academic freedom. We aim to rethink and redefine the role of universities in society. We support interdisciplinary projects that challenge traditional academic norms and promote emancipatory education. We also support art as a means of scientific research and knowledge production and, through our publishing platform, we facilitate the dissemination of research.

Our Current Research Areas

Critical Peace Studies

The story of Off University began with signatures to a peace petition and the ensuing mass lay-off of scholars in Turkey. Our commitment to peace is our hope to contribute to peace-making with scholarly knowledge and to forge alliances between natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and the humanities to gain the necessary momentum to fight war. We have coordinated the research project Critical Peace Studies in Turkey since 2021.
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Gender Studies

Gender Studies is globally a contested academic field and subject to de-funding, vilification and personal intimidation of its scholars and students. We seek to contribute to the educational offer in Gender Studies especially in languages other than English to keep this knowledge circulating. Together with scholars at risk of Gender Studies, we have offered 13 online seminars free and open to everyone.
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Re-thinking the University

We love and hate the university! To make it a less hierarchical and more inclusive and democratic place with better working conditions for all scholars, we analyze the university as an institution and re-think it collectively. With our activities from outside of this institution, yet always in close cooperation, we seek to contribute to improvement.
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