Urgently Wanted: Freedom of Research and Learning

Value of free research and teaching for society and for each individual becomes particularly clear when this is jeopardized. Political repression in the school and university sector, marginalization, intersectional discrimination, or a lack of choice in education are key reasons for many people to come to Germany, specifically to Berlin. Even today, almost 20 percent of students enrolled in Berlin are new to Germany, and many of them come from countries where academic freedom is under threat.

What do freedom and academic freedom mean to these newcomers? What are their expectations of academic freedom, vocational training and higher education? Are their expectations fulfilled and, if not, why not?

The centerpiece of our project is a research-based and artistic co-production process moderated by academics who have experienced flight or migration, in which the meaning of ‘freedom’ is explored. The results of this research-based learning will be documented in two artistic formats – as a video and a radio play.

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