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A University Beyond Borders and Classrooms

As a self-organization of politically persecuted scholars, we seek new strategies to uphold academic life and knowledge threatened by anti-democratic and authoritarian regimes.

What we do


We offer open-access and free accredited online courses with a focused seminar approach in a great variety of academic disciplines.


We contribute to knowledge at risk in the transdisciplinary fields of Peace and Gender Studies and Rethinking the University.


We experiment with ways to write and publish collaboratively and open access.

Conflict, Knowledge and Memory

Cases from Palestine and Syria

This course proposes an inquiry into the academic and cultural experiences of writing and re-writing history in Palestine and in Syria. It combines different approaches and intellectual schools from the epistemic question of the “decolonizing” knowledge to today’s impact of the information revolution as a factor in cultural production and political representations.

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Gender and Society

This course offers a critical overview of Gender Studies, an interdisciplinary academic field that explores crucial questions about the meaning of gender in society. Its primary goal is to familiarize students with key issues, questions, and historical and contemporary debates in Gender Studies. Within this scope, we aim to explore together with the students the complex ways in which gender intersects with class, race, ethnicity, sexuality and age within various spheres and institutions of Turkish society.

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