Mohamad Moustafa Alabsi

Conflict, Knowledge and Memory: Cases from Palestine and Syria

Mohamad Moustafa Alabsi holds a Ph.D. in political philosophy from the University of Grenoble-Alpes/France. His thesis focused on the relationship between regime and state in the contemporary Middle East, and the notions of “enemy”, “revolution” and “civil war” in political and legal theories as well as in the Arab Spring lessons and realities. He was a post-doctoral fellow at Columbia Global Center – Amman. His personal and academic project is about the creation of an Arabic encyclopedia of political philosophy, making in-depth knowledge of state theory literature available especially for Arab students. His research areas are philosophy of law, forms of regimes and of dictatorship, the totalitarian state and the one-party state. Moustafa believe in action and in initiative, that’s why he’s very excited to work with Off University. His articles have been published by the Saint-Joseph University Journal : InteraXXIons, “ Le Printemps Arabe à l’épreuve du Pouvoir Constituant” (2021) and the multilingual academic website “Quel avenir pour les Etats du Moyen Orient ? ” (2021).