Aramızda: Toplumsal Cinsiyet Araştırmaları Derneği

Gender and Society

Founded in November 2017, Aramızda: Toplumsal Cinsiyet Araştırmalar Derneği is invested in creating a pluralistic space of feminist solidarity that provides a platform for networking, creativity and research in the field of Gender and Queer Studies. The founding members of the collective are feminist academics and students who were dispelled from the university as a result of a governmental decree, or faced dire conditions with regards to the right for education on gender and LGBTIQ+ studies and to the support mechanisms in preventing sexual harassment in the campus. Together, they responded to this situation by claiming a space outside of the university, to continue their studies, research and organizing in the realm of the arts, civil society and politics. 13 of Aramızda’s scholars are currently collectively organizing this course with Off University:

Aslı Kayhan, Melek Zorlu, Hülya Kendir, Merve Diltemiz, Deniz Parlak, İlkay Kara, Fatma Sönmez,
Hülya Dinçer, Ezgi Sarıtaş, Hande Dönmez, Özlem Şendeniz, Evun Okumuş, Didem Dayı